Sudoku.xls workpad & solution aid for Su Doku puzzles. Plus a generator of graded Sudoku or Number Place puzzles.

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Sudoku Workpad to help solve Su Doku puzzles. Also Sudoko puzzle creator to generate your own graded Su Doku puzzles

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Sudoku.xls is a FREE, simple to use Microsoft Excel Workbook, which gives you a work pad to jot down possible Grid values. It also has an automatic facility to fill in the Work Pad with possible solutions, based on row box and column values. Additionally, 2 “Rough Work” sheets are included, pre-formatted to allow you to try certain paths, while keeping a part solution intact.

For a Registration fee of £4.99,  €7.49 or US$9.99 Sudoku.xls becomes a Solution aid and Puzzle Creator.

Using the advanced SU DO KU function, you can now let Sudoku.xls help you by checking Rows, Columns & Boxes and filling in Grid values. You can set the number of Recursions from 1 to 20 allowing anything from just a little help to a possible complete solution to the problem. Click here for an example of the  advanced SU DO KU function

Although Sudoku.xls is not intended as a complete Sudoku problem solver it can, in fact, solve virtually every Sudoku puzzle on its own. I haven't, yet, found a valid Sudoku puzzle which has stumped Sudoku.xls.

Sudoku.xls comes as a Microsoft Excel Spreadsheet, preconfigured to interact directly with Microsoft Outlook, making it quick & easy to complete the Sudoku and send the solution by email. 

You should check the Feedback & FAQ which may also be of assistance.

Sudoku Puzzle Creator 

You can now use Sudoku.xls to create your own Sudoku puzzles. Have you just finished an exceptional puzzle and you would like to try another one at the same level? Simply copy the puzzle into the “Sample Puzzle” Grid on the Creator worksheet. Press the “From Sample Puzzle” button and a new Sudoku will appear in the “New Puzzle” grid. This puzzle will be of an equivalent level of difficulty to the sample puzzle. Pressing the button again will generate another puzzle of the same level.

Additionally, in registered copies of Sudoku.xls you can automatically generate a puzzle of the required grade, Easy, Medium, Taxing or Difficult, by pressing the appropriate button.

Use Sudoku.xls to generate Su Doku puzzles of whatever level you want

Sudoku-xls Creator has 3 Hidden Functions. Click HERE for more details


Click here for the weekly SuDoku puzzle from Sudoku‑xls  

Click Here to Download your Free Sudoku.xls  

Click Here to register the advanced SuDoKu function  


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