Tips on using the Workpad Grid


In the example, below, you have reached a point where hitting the  Fill Workpad button doesn’t offer any unique entry possibilities.




However, there are various strategies you can use, including :

·        Row 2 contains 2 instances “18” which means that cells A2 & G2 must contain the values 1 & 8 (although it’s not clear which number goes in which cell). This means that cell F2 can not contain an 8 and must, therefore, be a 6. You can use this rule, also, for Column R (R2 must be a 1) and Box 6 (T5 must be a 9).

·        In column R, the only cell to contain a 2 is R9. Thus, the corresponding Sudoku Grid Cell, G9, must contain a 2. Using this rule, you can also look at row 4 and put a 2 in cell H4.

The above strategies can be applied to all Rows, Columns & Boxes of nine to help complete the Grid.

Sudoku.xls can also be used as a solution aid for the Samurai Su Doku found in The Times. For more information on this see the Frequently Asked Questions (faq’s)


Further tips, as well as the last weeks Times Su Doku puzzles, can be found in the Su Doku section of “The Times” online at .


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