Sudoku.xls Hidden Functions

There are 3 hidden functions in Sudoku.xls which can be accessed as follows:

1.     Ultra-Complex Grid generator.
The most difficult set of grids I have been able to create is the ultra-complex series. This is a symmetric starting grid containing 19 numbers with a unique solution. A version of this grid can be generated by including an asterisk (*) in the centre cell of the “Sample Puzzle” grid on the “creator” worksheet and then clicking the “From Sample Puzzle” button. You can be sure that you have generated an ultra-complex grid as it will be titled “New Puzzle (Almost Impossible)”

2.     Super Sudoku function (Registered Version only)
By entering 2 asterisks (**) in the “No. of Iterations” box you will have the option of completely solving a puzzle once all iterations are tried. This may also find a solution to some non-unique starting grids.

3.     Just Solve it function (Registered Version only)
This is the cheat option. Simply enter Pound Euro (£€) in the “No. of Iterations” box. Now, pressing the  button will cause the software to attempt to solve the puzzle completely. You will only be warned if it looks like an ultra-complex grid as these can take over a minute to solve. Although I do not guarantee that this will solve every unique Sudoku starting grid, I haven’t, yet, found one it doesn’t work for. If you do, I’d be pleased to hear from you with details, including starting grid and solution. Once again, this may also find a solution to some non-unique starting grids.


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