The Kenduko and Multi Killer puzzles are hand crafted Sudoku style puzzles that require some arithmetic to solve. The solution is the same as a classic 9x9 Sudoku. The Kenduko puzzle is a combination of the LatinCalc & Killer Sudoku puzzles. As in a Killer Sudoku, a "Total" is included at the top left of some (not necessarily all) of the fenced areas. However, there is also an operator (+, -, or ). The "Total" is calculated by using the operator on all the numbers within the fenced area. In the case of Kenduko, numbers CAN be repeated within a fenced area. The Multi Killer is simply a Kenduko where only multiplication is used. A Multi Killer can also be defined as a Killer Sudoku in which multiplication rather than addition must be used to calculate the totals. Once again, the Multi Killer puzzle CAN have numbers repeated within a fenced area. The multiplication signs ( ) are included in the Multi Killer puzzles to distinguish them from a Killer Sudoku. These puzzles would be ideal for use in Sudoku competitions or tournaments to further stretch the talents of the competitors.

The Kenduko & Multi Killer puzzler are also available as "X" type puzzles. The "X" puzzles have an additional constraint. All the numbers, 1-9, must appear in each diagonal. This will, usually, produce an easier puzzle. The example below, however, is a Kenduko-X puzzle with only 14 clues and would be classed as Expert grade.

To identify an "X" puzzle, the diagonals are shaded.

Note - All the puzzles on this page are valid and you can try them. To see the solutions, simply click on the puzzles.

Kenduko-X (expert)

Both Kenduko and Multi Killer puzzles are also available as overlapping Samurai and Ninjo puzzles as required. Due to the size of the puzzles, both Samurai & Ninjo  versions require large format printing, or breaking into smaller pieces, to be able to solve them. An example of a Kenduko Ninjo-X puzzle can be seen by clicking on the button below.

Kenduko Ninjo-X