presents Kenduko Ninjo-X

The Kenduko Ninjo-X consists of 4 overlapping Kenduko-X puzzles. When solved, each of the 4 overlapping sections will be a valid Kenduko/Sudoku solution. Due to the interaction between the 4 sections it is important to look at the puzzle as a whole and not to attempt to complete each section independently. You can see from the example below that not all the fenced areas have totals. The puzzle can be made easier by including more totals. The puzzle below is a valid Kenduko Ninjo-X and you are free to print it and attempt to solve it. I would grade this one as Expert. If you wish to see the solution, just click anywhere on the puzzle. To make it easier to print, the puzzle is available as a 4 page A4 pdf by clicking below.

To remind you, the rules of Kenduko are similar to those of Killer Sudoku. The total within a cage is indicated by the number in the top left corner. In the case of Kenduko, the operator specified (+,-,,) is used to calculate the total. Note that, unlike a Killer Sudoku, in Kenduko numbers CAN be repeated within a caged area, as long as the rules of Sudoku are not breached. Additionally, the example, below, is a Kenduko Ninjo-X to which the solution contains all the numbers 1-9 in each intersecting diagonal of the four intersecting 9x9 grids.

Kenduko Ninjo-X as pdf