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Need help solving? Download Sudoku.xls software
from the Sudoku-xls download page.

Tips & more available from the Sudoku-xls web site.

To solve, complete the grid so that all the digits from
1 to 9 appear once in every row, column and box of 9.
Additionally, for the Sudoku-Tanto all the shaded boxes
must contain only even numbers (2, 4, 6 or 8).

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The Sudoku puzzles are also available as a Standardised Text file . This format can be used when the graphics version is unreadable. This version may also prove useful when used by blind or visually impaired people in combination with a speech synthesiser. To access the text version click on the BLUE button or navigate to http://www.sudexel.com/stform.html .


Click the RED button to download the last 36 Number puzzles & their solutions in pdf format.

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