Taxing grade puzzle


Designer Sudoku
Easy grade, shamrock design puzzle


Word Sudoku
Easy grade, "Word Place" puzzle


Over the last few years, Sudoku has become a worldwide craze. The object of the puzzle is to complete the grid so that all the digits from 1 to 9 appear in every row, column and box of 9. The Sudoku puzzles from Sudexel are all designed in-house using a combination of manual and computer aided design. The puzzles are all designed with a symmetry in their unsolved grids and are objectively graded by computer in levels Easy, Medium, Taxing, Hard & Expert. Sudoku puzzles are also available in "Designer" layouts, one example being the St. Patrick's Day themed shamrock design above. There is no mathematics involved in solving a Sudoku puzzle, just pure logic. It is possible, therefore, to replace the digits 1-9 with other symbols. An example, above, shows a Sudoku where the numbers 1-9 are replaced by the letters of Word Place.


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