Sudoku 6
Medium plus grade puzzle


Sudoku mini-sam
Grade Level 2 puzzle

Smaller format puzzle such as the Sudoku six are ideal for beginners & children. The rules are the same as for a standard Sudoku but only the numbers 1 to 6 appear in every row column and box. Once again, the puzzles are all designed with a symmetry in their unsolved grids and are objectively graded by computer in levels Easy, Medium, Hard, Easy plus, Medium plus and Hard plus. Sudoku 6 puzzles contain from 9 to 12 digits in their unsolved state. As only basic logic is required to solve the puzzles, none are very difficult.

Sudoku mini-sam are also available as a simple overlapping puzzle. Once again, they are ideal for children or beginners and are a good first step to solving a Sudoku Samurai puzzle.  As with the more complicated Sudoku Samurai puzzle the Sudoku mini-sam requires looking at the complete puzzle rather than just the individual 6x6 puzzles of which it comprises. All Sudoku mini-sam puzzle exhibit a symmetry and contain from 14 to 18 digits in their unsolved state. This ensures that the puzzles don't look too busy on the page. The puzzles are available graded as Level 1 & 2. The example here is a more difficult Level 2 puzzle.


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