LatinCalc - 6x6

LatinCalc - 7x7

The LatinCalc is a square grid which, when completed, will be a Latin Square. A Latin Square is an nn grid which contains all the numbers in a range (1-n) in every row and column. Thus for a 6x6 Latin Calc, all the numbers 1-6 are found in every row & column while for a 7x7 LatinCalc puzzle, all the numbers 1-7 appear in every row and column. The puzzle comprises of a series of fenced off areas. At the top left of some (not necessarily all) of the fenced areas is a number and an operator (+ - ). The number is the result of using the operator on all the digits within the fenced off area. The LatinCalc puzzles from Sudexel are all Hand Crafted and not generated by a computer. They are available in sizes up to 8x8 and are designed to have a symmetry in the unsolved puzzle. LatinCalc puzzles were first published in the UK in "The Times" in March 2008 with the name KenKen.



LatinCalc - 8x8

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