Killer Sudoku
Easy grade puzzle


Killer Sudoku X
Medium grade puzzle


The Killer Sudoku puzzles has the same rules as Sudoku. All the digits 1-9 must appear in every row, column and box of 9. However, A Killer Sudoku puzzle gives different clues to  a standard Sudoku. The Killer Sudoku comprises of a grid containing fenced off areas. The number within each fenced off area is the total of the sum of the digits within the area. The Killer Sudoku puzzle, therefore, needs a combination of logic and mathematics to solve. The Killer Sudoku puzzle is, therefore, a step up from a Standard Sudoku, requiring additional steps to solve the puzzle. Killer Sudoku puzzles are available in grades Easy, Medium, Hard & Expert. The Killer Sudoku is also available as a Killer X puzzle where all all the digits 1-9 must also appear in each diagonal.


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