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Sudexel has been supplying high quality Sudoku style logic puzzles for printing in Newspapers, Magazines & Books since 2004. Whether your requirement is for a single puzzle, perhaps for inclusion in a Company in-house magazine or for several hundred puzzles for a Sudoku magazine, we can offer something to suit. Sudexel supply only, top quality, previously unpublished Sudoku style Number & Word Puzzles. A selection of Sudoku variants are available including Sudoku, Sudoku Tanto, Killer Sudoku, Sudoku 6, Sudoku mini-sam, LatinCalc, Kenduko, Samurai Sudoku and Ninjo Sudoku. Additionally, we can supply themed puzzles with pre-defined grids. These include Hearts for Saint Valentine's Day and Shamrocks for Saint Patrick's Day. More details can be found on the individual puzzle types by clicking on the appropriate button, below. For Further information Contact Sudexel.

SudokuSudoku TantoKiller SudokuSamurai SudokuNinjo SudokuLatinCalc (KenKen)Kenduko & Multi-Killer

"Kids" Sudoku puzzles are available, graded for children from 9 years old. Options including special "Designer Sudoku" puzzles for Kids with pre-defined patterns in the unsolved grids, including:
 - Faces, Houses, Trains, Airplanes, Hearts, and many more.
Smaller format puzzles such as Sudoku 6 are especially suitable for Children & Beginners. For examples of Sudoku 6 and Sudoku mini-sam click below.

Sudoku 6   &   Sudoku mini-sam

Puzzles for Competitions
As a special service, we offer selections of Sudoku puzzles for use in competitions. Whether you intend to run a small competition, with a few tens or hundreds of contestants or a major championship with thousands of entrants, we can supply puzzles to suit. Selections of different puzzles can be supplied with exactly the same grade to ensure that the competition is fair. For more information on Sudoku puzzles for competitions contact Sudexel.

Puzzles can be supplied in a variety of electronic formats to enable them to be quickly printed or posted on the web, as required.

To see some examples of our puzzles visit our sister websites &

For more information, including samples and pricing, email Sudexel at or contact us by clicking below.

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